Introduction to the course

Hoi Dutchies to be!

Do you want to start learning Dutch in your own time and pace? And do you want to ENJOY doing this? Then enroll in this course for beginners!

I'm in the process of making 25 classes (see course description how many are online at this very moment) which aim to let you reach A1-level. For people who are not familiar with this terminology: you will be able to have basic conversations!

Until the course is finished, new students will get a 50% discount on the price. You can find the check-out page for the discount here:

The idea is to upload one class per week, but please forgive me when (due to sickness or holidays) I will be a bit late with a certain class. I can assure you I will put all my love and devotion into the classes and I don't like to upload work that isn't totally finished yet, just for the sole purpose of uploading something.

Each class will consist of one video (sometimes even two) which I upload on YouTube and an extra class in this online school where you can always find the transcription of that class, a summary of the topic, sometimes extra materials (like audio) AND all the grammar classes (which are 12) have quizzes.

4 grammar classes are already available. You can them (with all the materials and quizzes) at the main page under "included classes" like this:

Well, I'm gonna leave you to it now then!

Veel liefs en succes!